Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Information coming soon!!!

Sorry it has been so very long since I was on here last.......I seem to have lost my ability to multi-task and manage my time well......BUT....with that said I am going to have some new and interesting topics evey week. IF there is something that you would like for me to research...PLEASE ask....other than that I will locate information that would be helpful to those of us here in the dry, windy and dusty parts of Arizona.


This is our major fundraiser to help maintain our mission and continue helping those in need!!!

Thanks so much,
Cyndi and crew

Monday, December 13, 2010

December 11th at the J6 Equestrian Center was a blast for all who were able to make it. Turn out was good and Care For The Horses benefited very well. Below are the final results of the over-all points.
Leadline: Sisters Kristen and Dana Webster tied with 5 points each. Both will receive a trophy.
7 and under:
Sophia Bergh took high point trophy with 10 points and brother Oscar took reserve trophy with 4 points.
8-13 age:
Aspen Padgett took high point trophy with 24 points and Cleo Borgman took reserve with 19 points.
14-18 age:
Ivey Borgman took high point trophy with 18 points and Hailly Grenough took reserve with 16 points.
19-49 age:
Katherine Calkins and Vicky Greenough tied for high and reserve with 8 points each.
Over the Hill:
Pat Arnold took high point with 2 points.
Over-all high point for the day went to Aspen Padgett and reserve high point went to Cleo Borgman.
The owners of the J6 were so pleased with the day that they have asked for us to come back!!! What a compliment for our members who made this such a success.
Thanks to: Tammy Slough, Sheri Lipscomb, Vicki Rae, Ruth Graber, Tom Shumacher,Rick and Ryan Lipscomb, Ann Jost and I hope I haven't missed anyone.
Thank-You to announcer was Ed Wagner who always does a magnificent job, he also made it possible for this event to be aired on KKLL radio in Tucson.
And to John Hobson, manager of the J6 Equestrian Center. Without his help and hard work, this event would not have been possible.
Thanks to all who entered, all who helped and all those that were so patient with us while we pulled this off!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving
to all!!
Without your donations and
support, we would
not be able to maintain
our mission!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Need Your Help!

Here the little guy is wearing his t-shirts that keep the flies off his open wounds. His vitals are starting to normalize and his appettite improves daily. He will need to get the teeth floated as soon as he able to withstand the sedation and the work.

A fundraiser dinner to help cover the vet costs for him is being planned for October 2, 2010 and will be held at the facilit. Please make plans to come and see him and enjoy some good food and company. Watch for the upcoming flyer and where you can purchase your tickets.

This little guy was rescued last week and has been through a very traumatic ordeal. While he has not received the best care throughout his life, the most recent event has been the worst. While he was sick with colic his owner sold him to a family that had no idea about caring for a horse, especially not a sick one. Somewhere along the line someone put a hose up his butt to make him go to the bathroom, they walked him, turned him out on fresh green grass. With open wounds all over him with flies embedded, it just became to much for this little guy to take. He went septic and at that time CFH was called to intervene by interested parties.

Within an hour of receiving him into the program the vet was on site evaluating. It was decided that he had a fighting chance however small to make it. We have been working night and day giving him fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds to help fight the raging infection within him, the ongoing fever and with alot of prayers he may just make it. It is day to day right now for this little guy. Please check our website for daily updates on his condition.

If he does survive he will need to have his teeth floated as they are in horrific condition and also will need to be castrated. We are asking for your help in providing this care by sending donations to our PO Box 884, Sierra Visa, AZ 85635.

Hay Raffle Winner Announced!

The winner of the hay raffle held on October 23rd was Ken Wendt from Huachuca City. Congratulations and thank you for your support.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

***Spring clean up at the facility***

A few weeks ago we did some spring cleaning to the entrance to the facility. There were 5 loads taken out in the truck and over 20 loads taken to the back of the property to be burned at a later date. I would like to thank Scott Grindy of Whetstone Feed and Ranch Supply/Stan's Fence for his generosity of his bobcat and operator. We could not have gotten as much done without it.
Thanks to the Fry #3 Fire department and their crew for safely burning the big pile of brush for us.