Monday, December 13, 2010

December 11th at the J6 Equestrian Center was a blast for all who were able to make it. Turn out was good and Care For The Horses benefited very well. Below are the final results of the over-all points.
Leadline: Sisters Kristen and Dana Webster tied with 5 points each. Both will receive a trophy.
7 and under:
Sophia Bergh took high point trophy with 10 points and brother Oscar took reserve trophy with 4 points.
8-13 age:
Aspen Padgett took high point trophy with 24 points and Cleo Borgman took reserve with 19 points.
14-18 age:
Ivey Borgman took high point trophy with 18 points and Hailly Grenough took reserve with 16 points.
19-49 age:
Katherine Calkins and Vicky Greenough tied for high and reserve with 8 points each.
Over the Hill:
Pat Arnold took high point with 2 points.
Over-all high point for the day went to Aspen Padgett and reserve high point went to Cleo Borgman.
The owners of the J6 were so pleased with the day that they have asked for us to come back!!! What a compliment for our members who made this such a success.
Thanks to: Tammy Slough, Sheri Lipscomb, Vicki Rae, Ruth Graber, Tom Shumacher,Rick and Ryan Lipscomb, Ann Jost and I hope I haven't missed anyone.
Thank-You to announcer was Ed Wagner who always does a magnificent job, he also made it possible for this event to be aired on KKLL radio in Tucson.
And to John Hobson, manager of the J6 Equestrian Center. Without his help and hard work, this event would not have been possible.
Thanks to all who entered, all who helped and all those that were so patient with us while we pulled this off!

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